Newsy Bits and Holiday chatter!

November Membership Minutes, Board Minutes and December Meeting minutes are up in the Members Only Section! Go check them out so we can finalize them at our January meeting. :)

Beth Brown-Reinsel Stranded Colorwork DVDs are still available for sale! I have 6 copies left and they’re still available. They cost $29 each and you can purchase them with cash or by check – please make any checks payable to Knitting Traditions. I’ll only have them through the January meeting – any unsold copies will be returned to Beth. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy Beth’s vast knowledge whenever you need it!

We will have our third and final Beth Brown-Reinsel Skype program at our January meeting, in the Oak Corner Room at the Center for Community Cooperation. We’ll be covering corrugated ribbing, Herringbone braid and some other colorwork stranding techniques with Beth. Make sure to mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 6, 2015  at the Center for Community Cooperation, 7:30 CST. I look forward to seeing you there!

It’s time to start thinking about how you can serve the Dallas Hand Knitters Guild in the 2015-2016 year. Speak to an Officer to learn more about the various leadership positions available, and brief descriptions of each role are outlined in our Guild Bylaws, located in the Members Only section. Email me if you need a password reminder!

I look forward to starting 2015 with a visit with my DHKG friends and family.

Knit on,


We’re having a party!

DHKG 2014 Holiday Party Flyer (1)


CCC Directions – Gulf Coast Room

We’ll be in the Gulf Coast room this month, instead of Oak Corner. 

Beth Brown-Reinsel Stranded Colorwork DVDs!

Beth sent me down some copies of her DVD for folks to pick up, if you want a reference copy of the topics we’re covering in our 3 Skype Sessions – If you’d like to have a copy for your own, the cost is $29. The Guild is not set up to accept credit cards, so please bring cash or a check if you’d like to purchase a copy of Beth’s DVD.

See you tomorrow!!

Hi, Good Morning Texas!

Thank you for the plug! We’re so excited to invite your viewers to our next meeting, to be held on November 4! – More details about our location are on the Meetings Page, under tab ‘Join Us’!

Members, in case you missed it, have a look!  Local Knitter Cynthia Spann showed us how it’s done!

Knitting Gets Needles Flying

Our October meeting minutes are published in the Members Only section – have a look so we can fly through our Old Business and get right to the program!

Local Shop happenings:

LYS The Knitting Fairy will be welcoming Erin.Lane Bags for a Trunk Show over the weekend of November 14-16.  The Trunk show will be taking over the classroom for the event, so go get your holiday shopping on!


How many days do I have left to knit?!!

I like to keep holidays in their time, but knitting doesn’t really work that way.  As of the time of this writing (11/2/2014), we have 53 knitting days until Christmas, and 44 knitting days until the beginning of Hannukah on December 16 – eep! So we’d best keep those needles stitching so that we’re ready to package those beautiful handmade gifts up for our loved ones!

To help distract us from that holiday hijinks, we have an exciting program coming this month, continuing our series on stranded colorwork programs with Beth Brown-Reinsel – This month, to continue adding to our stranded colorwork lexicon, we’re going to learn some two-handed techniques – knitting with one yarn in each hand, and then adding in up to 4 colors.  Beth’s also going to cover the Norwegian Purl, a fantastic method for purling while keeping the yarn behind the needle – no kidding!  It’s REALLY cool.

A big, big, THANK YOU! to new Board members Cris Hays, Denise Shank and Kay Turner for jumping in and filling our vacant Board positions, and thanks to everyone who offered to serve! Cris will be handling the website upkeep, and Denise and Kay are co-Vice Presidents of Membership, tag-teaming that very important Board role.  Thanks again for stepping up, ladies! Your input and assistance are invaluable to the Guild and to me.

On a side note, did everyone get to see Cynthia Spann represent knitters on Good Morning Texas this week? Her segment was on Monday, October 27, and they plugged our guild website! I hope that will bring some interested guests our way to learn about knitting and our group – I’ve already fielded an email from someone interested in beginner knitting classes!

I look forward to greeting you at our November 4 meeting, at the Center for Community Cooperation in the Oak Corner Room.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and I know we’ll enjoy visiting with Beth again – she was overflowing with excitement after last month’s meeting, and thought that it went just wonderfully! If you have been practicing your techniques and working on yarn dominance, but still have questions, we’ll have Beth live via satellite, so make a note so we can ask her!  If you have a question, odds are good that someone else will have the same question, so speak up!

If you’re knitting along with Beth, bring your swatch from the October meeting.  If you’re joining us for the first time, bring a swatch cast on in the round with a few rounds knit and enough stitches to knit comfortably in a circle, and bring 3 additional colors to add into the work.  This is going to be SO much fun!




Supplies List and “Homework” if you would like to work along with Beth

Dear Knitters:

Some concerns have been related to me and some said directly to me of the dissatisfaction experienced by some of our membership at the September meeting this year.  I agree — the room was oppressively hot, there was no sound system, the parking lot was the size of a postage stamp if we’re being generous, and we had some technical difficulties with getting the membership cards printed.  Sometimes life just happens that way.  None of it was show-stopping, but the sum total was that people didn’t enjoy the September meeting as much as they might have otherwise.  The Guild has a standard and, the excellent program notwithstanding (Lise was stupendous, even in the face of ridiculous heat); there were setbacks that, taken altogether, made for a disappointing meeting.

Growing up, I learned that when something isn’t working, it’s a good idea to step back and look at the bigger picture, and even when nothing seems to be coming together, to look for the positives that can be found, and work from there.  So, some positives from our meeting:

  • The program was wonderful, and was a great lead-in to our Annie Modesitt workshop.
  • Despite the pretty oppressive heat, I still saw smiling faces in the crowd, and most people stuck it out to the end, though I am sorry it made some members feel too ill to stay.
  • We had more people than would have fit in the room at All Saints.
  • We had more people than I estimated might come to the meeting, and we ran out of handouts. I see this as a positive, because I’m always happy to welcome more people.
  • I heard murmurs and laughing, and the folks I saw trying out entrelac with Lise were getting it in hand.

While I was in turmoil and trying to process what went wrong and what went right about the meeting, a wonderful thing happened — I got an email from Kathy Jean about a space that would be perfect for our guild:  The Center for Community Cooperation.

  • Free for use by non-profit organizations
  • A/C kept comfortable year round
  • A/V equipment built into the room for a nominal fee
  • Excellent lighting and classroom arrangements
  • Catering and coffee service available
  • Modernized building, modern facilities
  • Well-lit, patrolled, LARGE parking area off the street

The only thing that gave me pause was its location:  it is near Uptown, off Live Oak Street, and we’ve met closer to the 635 corridor for many years.  I had to roll this over in my mind a lot, and I decided that even though we have traditionally met further north than the CCC, 635 is a construction and traffic nightmare in full daylight right now and an unpredictable roller-coaster after dark.  So, eager to do right by the Guild after I got the first one “wrong,” I checked the CCC out, even doubting my decision-making abilities when the Legion Hall turned out not to be what I signed on for, and I was met with a location that is a complete change from the American Legion hall, and is much more the caliber and quality of space that our Guild needs and deserves.The Center for Community Cooperation is run by the Center for Non-Profit Management, a division of The Meadows Foundation.  I got a tour and, I have to say, this space is spectacular. As an experiment, Lea and Kay drove there on Tuesday, 9/9 at 6:30 p.m., and it took 21 minutes to reach the Center from the 635/75 High Five.  I drove there for my tour on Saturday morning 9/6, and it took me around 25 minutes to get there from Grand Prairie, using 360 and 183.  It’s located very near Baylor Hospital, and there are wonderful restaurants and parks nearby.  For the public transit-inclined, the Baylor Light Rail stop is just .4 miles away, across Swiss Avenue.

Sheryl reminded me recently that as knitters, we can all understand and even sometimes enjoy the outcome of having to rip back and try something again. For our October, November, and January meetings, we are going to have a new experience:  programs with Beth Brown-Reinsel over Skype.  I invite you to come try the Center for the October and November meetings while we’re growing technologically. Then, we can decide as a group if that is where we would like to stay in the future.  I think that once we get into the groove of meeting there, we’ll want to keep using it — it’s billed as the premier meeting space for non-profit organizations in Dallas, and I can see why.  I’m excited for all of us to take this journey together, and despite a disappointing step back in September, I’m optimistic that the Center for Community Cooperation will represent a leap forward for the Dallas Hand Knitters Guild in 2014-2015, and hopefully into the long-reaching future as well.

I hope I’ll get to see you at the October meeting.  Enclosed with this letter are a close-up map of the area around the Center and a summary of directions if you’re headed southbound on 75/Central Expressway, and a supplies list if you would like to participate in Beth’s Program.

She’s coming, she’s coming, she’s coming!!

Annie Modesitt, the Knitting Heretic herself will be in our midst, teaching us to knit heretically in just 6 short days!  If you haven’t sent your form in for this exciting day of learning on September 14, I’m happy to report that you still have time!  You can download the form

Workshop Formand contact Sheryl, our workshop maven, to get your payment details in order.  The workshop will be held on Sunday, September 14, at the Knitting Fairy Yarn Studio, located in Grand Prairie.  I hope I’ll get to see you there – I’ve never done a workshop with Annie, and I’m excited!

Our board will meet at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 11, 2014 at Zoe’s Kitchen, located on the Northeast Corner of Preston and Royal – Zoe’s is a casual dining with a Mediterranean theme.  All members are welcome to attend board meetings, bring items for discussion before the board and learn how the board gets things done.

Night Knitters will be held on Tuesday, September 16 at 6:30 p.m. at Panera Bread, located on the Southwest corner of Preston/Forest, across the street from the big Whole Foods Market.  Night Knitters is a come-and-go event and all knitters are welcome, irrespective of whether they are guild members or not.

I hope we’ll see you at one or all of these events, and I will see you soon in any case!


New Location! Same Time! Same Channel! Knitting! Fun! Fun! Knitting!





Hi, Knitters!

It’s August, and that means it’s RENEWAL TIME! We got the renewal letters out to folks this week, so watch your mailbox for updates.

Okay, confession time.

I didn’t know there was a built-in Events Calendar on THIS VERY WEBSITE. You can subscribe to it to add the events that get added to our calendar and they’ll populate right into your own, so you can keep the Dallas Hand Knitters Guild events on time with your agenda, and never miss a meeting.  How great is that?!!

As a little teaser, I’ll tell you that you won’t want to miss a meeting this year – our VP-Programs, Vanessa Vyles has lined up some GREAT speakers to talk about everything from Silk to History, even to recycling sweaters and repurposing yarn.  Our first meeting will be a program on Entrelac with Lise Wilson, and we’re having Annie Modesitt for a workshop on lace entrelac in September – Make sure you mark your calendars for that, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear a nationally-recognized teacher and self-styled “knitting heretic” give her take on basketweave knits!

I’m very excited that we’ll be redeeming our Kickstarter programs with Beth Brown-Reinsel, too – we’re going to be Skype-ing with Beth for three programs about colorwork knitting, so get those fingers ready for a fun challenge!  I was so excited that I cast on the VogueKnitting Mobius Cowl from the Spring 2014 Interweave – it’s got color for DAYS!  I can’t wait to share my progress with you all at Show and Tell.

But enough about me – our larger community has some cool offerings to share, too:

Guild Extra-curricular activities!

I was notified by Dale Jenssen of an opportunity to enter your handknits in a juried show in San Antonio, for Cash Prizes!
40th Annual San Antonio Fiber Art Show

DEADLINE : October 13, 2014

Open to all Texas artists working in a fiber medium, or employing fiber techniques. Juror: Barbara Schneider.  Nov 21-Dec 17, 2014. Sponsored by the Fiber Artists of San Antonio.

For one fee ($30/$35), can enter up to four pieces.  Cash awards.

I have copies of the entry form, so if you’re interested in entering, let me know! I’ll also have some forms printed for pick up at the September meeting.


Crochet Texas is hosting a Yarn-Bombing at the Scottish Rite, and they need your help!
Great News!

We have approval to yarn bomb the Scottish Rite Hospital on I Love Yarn Day in October. Our guild has decided to bomb the lobby with baby blankets. Afterward the blankets will be sold at their November Craft Fair.  All the proceeds will go to help the hospital. If you are interested in adding to our yarn bombing event we will be accepting donations of baby blankets. There are a few qualifications for donating the blankets. ** Please note that all blankets and display items will be indoors, there is no risk of them being ruined in foul weather **

 1. Must be new

 2. Fibers like acrylic, cotton, bamboo or plant based are recommended.  We tend to stay away from wools and mohair for ease washing and allergic sensitivity

 3. Any baby blanket size 30″ minimum to 40″ maximum

 4. Any shape

 5. Any color

6. Can be crocheted, knitted, fleece with crocheted/knitted edge

You may drop them off at Saint Thomas Church:

The Church of St. Thomas the Apostle

6525 Inwood Road
Dallas, TX 75209 
August 16, 11-1pmSeptember 6, 11-1 pm
September 20, 11-1pm
October 4, 11-1pm
Also if you are unable to drop off at these times let us know and we will try and make other arrangements.

crochettexas [at] gmail [dot] com
As always, if you have any questions or would like to draw attention to fiber-crafting events, please let me know!

Board Meeting – 7/1/2014 at 7:00 p.m.

The Board will meet on Tuesday, 7/1/2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Liberty Burger at Inwood Road and Forest Lane. If you have any questions or comments for the board or would just like to see how we put it all together, please feel free to come!

Really? April already?! Really?!



So I did my steek swatch in January, and it took a minute, but I got it finished, and the steek worked!  Did you do your steek swatch?  I have pictures up in the gallery – did you know that we have a gallery?  I didn’t know!  I also have the videos up in the Member’s Only section. Don’t forget your password, and go have a look, if you need a refresher.  I guess I was too fixed on knitting and not focused enough on taking pictures.  I’ve been knitting away on EZ little sweater project and I’m about 98% finished with it – I need to weave in ends and block the little thing, but it’s knitted, so I’ll have to find a teddy bear to put it on or something.


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