Membership Form

DHKG Membership Form

If you wish to become a member, please print this page, fill out the information, and mail to:

Dallas Hand Knitters Guild
P.O. Box 670224
Dallas, TX 75367

Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ____________
Address: __________________________________________________________
City: _______________________ State:_________ Zip:__________

New member? _____ Renewal? _____ New info? (Check one) Y _____ N_____

Home Phone: (__________) _________________________________

Work/Cell Phone (Circle one): (__________) __________________________________

Email address: (Please print clearly) _______________________________________________

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Just a reminder…

Guild membership is $30 per year, $15 per 1/2 year. Include your check with the form and make payable to the Dallas Hand Knitters Guild . Please print clearly . The information specified will appear in the Guild’s membership directory.