A letter from our President

DHKG Renewal Time!!!!

Welcome to 2015 – 2016

They say in “Fashion Everything Old is New Again”  (i.e. low cut jeans, platform shoes).  That could apply to the 2015 – 2016 DHKG year.

  1. New Meeting Location: Walnut Hill Rec Center, Northwest corner Midway @ Walnut Hill Rec    Center – New Location for this year.  Old: Actually it was the Guild’s Meeting place in the 1990’s.  New Start time: 7 pm instead of 7:30. More time for Programs and Show & Tell.
  2. Workshop: New 1 Day Workshop: Ann McCauley Workshop; Sunday, September 13th. Old Location: Knitting Fairy Yarn Studio and same format 3 hour workshop in the morning and a 3 hour workshop after lunch. See enclosed Flyer for Information!
  3. Yarn Crawl: New Dates, new opportunities for Fiber Lovers. Old: Same format–Visit area Fiber Business; show your support!!!
  4. Stitches Texas: New to Texas. Old: same style as Stitches East, West and Midwest (Knitting classes, market place)
  5. Dues: $30- to renew your membership- We hope you will–more knitters the better!!!!! Old: same price as before…..great programs, great show & tell and great Members!
  6. This Year’s Board: (Kay, Lorraine, Laura, Vanessa)  New Additions, New Attitudes… Adding a New Perspective! Old Guard: (Lea, Rojean and Me) Tradition Bound… Giving the Guild Best of Both!!   Working together for DHKG Benefit!

Programs:  Vanessa has a full slate of Knitting programs – Check out the Meetings page for more information. Something for Everyone!!!

Membership: Kay and Lorraine- 2 are better than 1 handling Membership Badges, Discount Cards, Sign In Desk, etc.

Website: Laura has great ideas on updating the website; Send All Knitting Events & Information for Website Publication & Guild Notification

Treasurer: Lea keeps us on Budget and monitor of all things Money.

Secretary: Rojean is our Scribe-handling the all Guild Minutes & Correspondence

President: Me-Guild Management

Look forward to seeing each and every one of you Tuesday September 1st at 7 pm.


Sheryl E. Dial
2015 – 2016

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